Our prices are based on experience of stylist/colourist

When booking a colour, a comeback service must also be selected to finish your style

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stylist experience explained…


Cut Levels


Cut Expert - this is our highest cut level. Stylists at this level have completed various external cut and styling qualifications as well as being key members of our own in-salon training team.

Designer - our top styling level for team members who have not yet gone on to specialise in a chosen field and become pert of our education team.

Senior Principal - our stylists with multiple years experience, with a vast knowledge of both cut and styling techniques. We look to these members of our team to support our junior stylists both on the floor and in training.

Principal - as our stylists gain more external training, they reach this level

Senior Stylist - this level was created as the next step, as experience is gained over two years hard work and dedication on the floor.

Stylist - when we feel our graduates have gained the experience needed to run a busy column, they become fully fledged stylists.

Graduate - our graduates stylists are fully qualified and we are allowing them the opportunity to grow as stylists. We offer their services at a discounted rate and also give them slightly longer appointment spaces. This means that they can gain confidence on the floor whilst also growing their clientele. They are also free to have support from our senior team and may ask for advise at the consultation stage and ask for their work to be checked.


Colour Levels


Colour Expert - this is our highest colour level, for those colourists pushing themselves through competitions and external practices to be the best in their field. Their knowledge and their experience make them key figures in our own in-salon education team. They must also have the colour specialist qualification.

Colour Specialist - a recognised qualification gained from L’Oreal Professionnel which involves months of intensive study. This covers the science and biology behind the hair colouring process. It is classed as a specialised degree and all have graduated after both practical and theory exams.

Colour Technician - our tech level is for those colourists who have undergone additional external training courses as well as in-salon training covering more specialist colouring techniques. This promotion is also given on years of experience.

Colourist - this is our start level which all colourists work from. These colourists are fully qualified and have reached a level within our own training programme that we feel is of a high enough standard to be on the floor. All of our colourists have achieved foundation colour qualifications with L’Oreal Pro.


booking your colour…


A Colour Consultation must be booked prior to your first colour appointment at Linton & Mac - this is a complementary 15 minute appointment, where you can sit down with a colourist and discuss your future colour.

It also gives us a chance to skin test for allergies.


Your colour consultation must be done at least 48 hours prior to your colour appointment




A deposit will be taken to secure all bookings - this is refundable on all cancellations up to 24 hours before appointment time and is redeemable off your appointment.


£10.00 - cut appointments // stylebar appointments

£20.00 - colour appointments