Oktoberfest: DIY Braids


Celebrating Oktoberfest this weekend? Here's how to achieve the perfect braids...

Step 1: Clean hair with professional hair products – Windle & Moodie fortifying shampoo is perfect

Step 2: Create guts to hair by adding Windle & Moodie fortifying spray and dry product into hair. Reapply as many times to get softness out of hair. 

Step 3: Part hair from top of the head. For a neat look use a comb, for a relaxed look use fingers.

Step 4: Creating the Dutch braid, section hair into three sections forming a triangle from top of head, weave sections under one another – right piece goes under the middle, then left under the middle.

Step 5: Continue the three-strand braid until all the hair has been pleated and secure with an elastic bottle. Pinch brains and stretch out for looser look.

Step 6: Finish with Windle & Moodie matte texture spray then top with Windle & Moodie light shine or light satin spray