Family Focus: Abbie

Name:   Abbie Salmon

Job Description:   Stylist

Age:   20

Star Sign:   Sagittarius 

When did you start at Linton and Mac:   3rd November 2015

What was your very first job:   junior at Angels

What was your path to Linton and Mac:   I did my first year hairdressing training at North East Gallowgate College, then was a junior at Angels hair salon, I spent my last two months there on the floor - then came to Linton and Mac from Angels

What are your highlights of working at Linton ad Mac so far:   meeting Niel Moodie in London is a definite career highlight. All the training days we have done at Linton and Mac have been ace! And also helping to establish the Linton and Mac Craetive Art Team

What are your dreams, goals and ambitions:   to progress in hairdressing, to be known and famous for being more than just a hairdresser..... my goal is to be a session hairstylist at fashion weeks - to do the kind of work Neil Moodie does, like fashion shoots all over the world! I want to stay open minded to the endless possibilities this industry has to offer

Who are your industry idols:   Neil Moodie - he does everything I want to do, I'd love to work alongside him... also Jen and Jaye - and all the staff at L&M!

Style icons:   anyone who rocks trainers with anything! I don't really have one style icon, I like to stay individual

Describe your own personal style in three words:   goth // grunge // casual

If you could have any one else in the salons style for one day, who's would you steal and why: Levi - she's a stunner, those legs.....! She is edgy, she doesn't care but looks amazing - she's also got a great mindset with her work/life balance

Worst hair day and why:   I have always had this hair!

Where do you see yourself in five years time:   working at Linton and Mac of course....... maybe only two days a week though, as the rest of the time I'll be jet setting around the globe working on shoots

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram:   Sophia Hilton // ttigerlilly // Not Another Salon

Top holiday destinations:   dream - Bali // been - South Africa

Favourite hang-outs in Aberdeen:   Dizzy's // Top Shop // Rev

Top tunes on your playlist just now:   Hannah Once "Found the Ground"

Favourite movie:   Harry Potter // Just Go With It // any Adam Sandler movies // Maze Runner

Favourite book:   Vogue

Words to live by:   I don't mind a quote, but I'm really just not up for them!

Worst habit:   biting my nails

What colour in a box of paints best describes you and why:   Black - like my soul........(!)

What single individual has taught you most in life and what have you learned from them: Lesley my mum - she has taught me to be the person that I am

Other comments:   I love you too dad!

Follow Abbie on Instagram:   @abbiesalmonx