Family Focus: Jen

Name:   Jennifer Mary Linton

Job Description:   Linton, fae Linton & Mac;)

Age:   26

Star Sign:   Pisces

When did you start at Linton and Mac:   I gave birth on 4th July 2015!

What was your very first job:   waitress at Ladybank Golf Club Fife when I was 12 - and working in my mum and dad's hotel

What was your path to Linton and Mac:   started as a Saturday girl in Premier Salon, Fife when I was 15 - at 17 went to Migele Experience full time and started my training, stayed there for over three years - then moved to Aberdeen to work as a graduate stylist in Ishoka for almost four years - then went self-employed, renting a chair at Nuffield and building my clients

What are your highlights of working at Linton ad Mac so far:   meeting the most amazing industry people! And the memories: the parties, the birthday, the awards - the reaction at our opening... and the travelling

What are your dreams, goals and ambitions:   WODO!!! Haha..... to be successful and well-known in the industry // to build my own house - four babies, an amazing family and career (maybe with the help of a nanny!) // to strike a good balance between my home and my career

Who are your industry idols:   Neil Moodie // Vidal Sassoon // Hooker and Young (me and Jaye saw these guys back in 2011 and knew then that we wanted to be an industry duo)

Style icons:   the Olsen twins // Beyonce // Sienna Miller

Describe your own personal style in three words:   simple // messy // colourful

If you could have any one else in the salons style for one day, who's would you steal and why:   Ross - because his style is fun and quirky... and he gets to wear flats! 

Worst hair day and why:   when I was working at Migeles - I was 18, bleach blonde and had a short back and sides

Where do you see yourself in five years time:   taking L&M nationwide // having a few industry awards under my belt (both salon awards and personal stylist awards) // starting to build my house

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram:   Linton & Mac // Steff White Yoga // Meg Dales (pal) // Windle & Moodie // Errol Douglas

Top holiday destinations:   BEEN - Thailand, Bankok // DREAM - South America & more Asia

Favourite hang-outs in Aberdeen:   the beach // Bar 99 // The Tippling House // Duthie Park

Top tunes on your playlist just now:   Birdie - Keep Your Head Up // Lady Gaga - "Joanne" album // Woodstock '68 playlist

Favourite movie:   Inglorious Bastards // Shutter Island // How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days // Beauty and the Beast

Favourite book:   #girlboss and Harry Potter, Prisoner of Azkaban..... but I always fall asleep reading!

Words to live by:   "life is for living"

Worst habit:   I'm noisy and messy... and nosy....... and I have a shoe addiction

What colour in a box of paints best describes you and why:   red - it's fiery and sexy... classy, but with a grungy edge - and can be both girly or rock chick, like me!

What single individual has taught you most in life and what have you learned from them:   Clarke, my daddy - he taught me everything! How to take on the world... and be likable but fiery // Jaye - my Mac has taught me how to be a calmer person, how to take a step back and look at life in a different light... she's taught me how to breathe:)  

Other comments:   never stop learning from people - keep looking forward to what life has to offer, the next chapter is always so exciting!

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