Family Focus: Laura

Name:   Laura Monica Bicocchi

Job Description:   Front of House Manager

Age:   31

Star Sign:   Pisces 

When did you start at Linton and Mac:   mid August 2015 - 3 weeks before opening

What was your very first job:   chamber maid at The Marcliffe at 16 (mostly nursing a hang-over with best mate Jill!)

What was your path to Linton and Mac:   I met Jen and Jaye whilst working front of house at Ishoka - moving with them when they decided to open their own salon was a natural progression

What are your highlights of working at Linton ad Mac so far:   the biggest highlight is definitly the team - being surrounded by such creativity and positivity on a daily basis! // the launch party was amazing, such an exciting vibe, we knew it was the start of something unreal // and the Look Awards Ceremony was pretty fabulous

What are your dreams, goals and ambitions:   to continue to be apart of such a positive, passionate and successful team at Linton and Mac // to live happily ever after......... marriage, babies, the works!

Who are your industry idols:   Neil Moodie - work, attitude, style and positive take on the industry // Lady Gaga - for her self acceptance, love and message to a embrace your own individuality

Style icons:   Lady Gaga // Paloma Faith // Vivienne Westwood

Describe your own personal style in three words:   fun // colourful // influenced by others

If you could have any one else in the salons style for one day, who's would you steal and why: Sarah - as she her style is strong, bold and fearless. She doesn't feel the need to follow the "rules" and I love that!

Worst hair day and why:   awkward early teens - with naturally greasy hair, all stuck to my scalp and frizzy dry curls on the ends (pre-GHD) so yeah, not so much a bad hair day as a bad hair era!

Where do you see yourself in five years time:   knee deep in family life! Babies, hubby, home... and part time at L&M

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram:   Linton and Mac (obvs) // Jill (pal) // Lady Gaga

Top holiday destinations:   BEEN - so many as my best hols are always about the company rather than the destination // DREAM - India

Favourite hang-outs in Aberdeen:   Dutch Mill // Bar 99

Top tunes on your playlist just now:   Lady Gaga // Amy Winehouse // Dr Dre // anything naughties // a bit of swing // Sinatra // John Williams // Little Mix // Judy Garland // musicals // all topped off with a touch of gangsta rap

Favourite movie:   Jaws

Favourite book:   Junk by Melvin Bridges

Words to live by:   "do what makes you happy"

Worst habit:   picking my feet

What colour in a box of paints best describes you and why:   yellow - because it is happiness and sunshine... making the best out of any situation... it is positivity, as am I

What single individual has taught you most in life and what have you learned from them:  combination of may dad's parents, my parents Alma and Rinaldo and my three best friends... they have taught me love, compassion, kindness to others and self-acceptance. Self belief does not come naturally to me, but over the years they have taught me to love every bit of myself as much as they love me!

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