The Great British Barber Bash

Sunday 13th November, saw The Great British Barber Bash with Alan and Reece Beak, take over Linton and Mac for the day....... Sunday Funday!


Alan and Reese Beak, brothers from Oldham created the Ruger Barber brand in 2014. They have over 18 years combined experience in the hair industry. Trained in traditional Italian style barbering, ladies hairdressing and afro-caribbean styles, they have become the hybrid in barbering. Their presence in the barbering world is undeniably one of the biggest in the UK.

The Great British Barber Bash, bring workshops to salons throughout the UK and Ireland. It is a place for some of the most exceptional barbers in the UK to showcase their skills and for spectators to learn and network. 

Headed up by Garry Spencer and Mark Shirley behind the camera, this is the third time that The Great British Barber Bash has hijacked Linton and Mac - with Alan and Reece sharing their skills and extensive barbering knowledge with our team as well as other stylists from various salons around and about Aberdeen-shire.

Real men go to real barbers