Liberation Looks

2017 will see the cross over between male and female styles. Multi texture. Multi Length.

Versatility is key - the ideology isn’t to have one set style which is one-dimensional and can only be styled in one specific way any more... cuts are more flexible and fluid, allowing multiple styling opportunities after leaving the salon.
— Ross Hume - Designer Stylist, Linton and Mac


The last 2 years have seen a dramatic growth in male grooming - guys are now comfortable using tools and various unisex products seen on the market. In 2017 we will see this willingness to experiment, encompass colour and length.


Girls have always been more comfortable with experimentation - undercuts, micro fringes and multi length. We will see more lengths within length and short multi textures, 2017 sees the death of the one-length cut.

Blurring Boundaries

This is not about girls rocking guys haircuts, or guys trying to look feminine. It's about eliminating the divide. The future will hold no gender difference. The stigma has gone and what is left is un-gender.

This is the cross-over generation. Years of breaking down barriers between the sexes is coming to a head... making way for the freedom to be open with experimentation.