A 70's Love Story

With L'Oreal Colour Trophy applications upon us again, we thought that we would share with you a little shoot we did after last year's incredible finals placement.

Jen's regional win, took her to the London final with model Will. On their return, Jen and Jaye decided to use their models for an editorial piece - with local photographer Sam Brill, they pulled off a 70's inspired Geek Chic shoot.

We were hugely inspired by Gucci for this shoot - we wanted to express a fun, cheeky vibe... and of course, let our models fabulous personalities - and obvious chemistry - shine through!
— Jennifer Linton - Art Director, Linton and Mac

Will, was Water Coloured - a technique offered at Linton and Mac. It is a quick way to add colour at the backwash onto wet hair, with outstanding, extremely natural results. As you can see, this is a great choice for guys and whether hair is long or short, the outcome is divinely sun-kissed.

Our applications for L'Oreal Colour Trophy 2017 are in, but for the time being firmly under-wraps...... we are excited that our team are continuing to push boundaries and can't wait to share the results with you - fingers crossed and watch this space!