The Un-Done Bride

bridal hair, isn’t the preconceived unobtainable, unmovable styling that it used to be - todays fresh approach is about working with your own hair, not against it... keeping it effortless, natural and movable - and most importantly, letting your own personality and intrinsic beauty shine through
— Jaye MacDonald - Art Director, Linton and Mac
we were super excited to work with local businesses we love and were keen to give the shoot a Linton and Mac twist... the “un-done done” look has naturally evolved in the salon due to our own personal approach to styling
— Jennifer Linton - Art Director, Linton and Mac
My flowers are loose and free flowing - I wanted wanted to keep everything natural and open to interpretation, which really tied in with Jen and Jaye’s vision for hair, Stacey’s style of beauty and Sams skills behind the lense
— Kim Dalglish - Kim Dalglish Florist