Family Focus: Alex

Name:   Alexander Jonathan Peter Anfield

Job Description:   Assistant

Age:   18

Star Sign:   Aries

When did you start at Linton and Mac:   December 2016

What was your very first job:   assistant at James Dun's House at 15, Saturdays and after school

What was your path to Linton and Mac:   I left school at 16 to go full time training to be a hairdresser, but at 17 I left and did a stint as a waiter! My time away from the industry, made me realise that it really was my passion - so I was following Linton & Mac on social media and when I saw that they were looking for assistants, I sent in my CV

What are your highlights of working at Linton ad Mac so far:   it's just a fantastic place to work, everyday! Seeing everyone working together and helping each other out is pretty special:)

What are your dreams, goals and ambitions:   I'd like loads of money - but not from winning the lottery or anything like that, I'd like to have loads of money through my own success... I want to be the best hairdresser that I can be and a L'Oreal Colour Specialist

Who are your industry idols:   Jaye - she is just the whole package! She is really good with her clients and I just love to watch how she works, her colour techniques are great

Style icons:   I'm not too into celebrity culture - I just like TopMan

Describe your own personal style in three words:   simple // black // smart-casual

If you could have any one else in the salons style for one day, who's would you steal and why:   everyone in the salon has such individual style... but I'd maybe say Ross - when he's smart, he's SMART!

Worst hair day and why:   oh, so many!! But at 15, my mum wanted to shave all my hair off... it was long and over coloured and I looked like a fuzzy mic

Where do you see yourself in five years time:   Linton & Mac senior stylist, working towards colour specialist... with a rich good looking man on my arm would be a bonus!

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram:   I look at all the big hairdressers in Aberdeen for inspiration - and I stalk all of my friends

Top holiday destinations:   BEEN - Dubai // DREAM - tour America

Favourite hang-outs in Aberdeen:   Cadonas - I'm such a kid // cinema - anywhere with food // Union Square

Top tunes on your playlist just now:   90's pop - I love a bit of Britney Spears... Pussy Cat Dolls with Bethanie and anything 2000 - 2004

Favourite movie:   American Psycho - I love a psychological  thriller // Just Go With it - for a laugh

Words to live by:   Do it, just don't get caught!

Worst habit:   picking my nose and smoking

What colour in a box of paints best describes you and why:   neon pink - it's eye catching and cheery 

What single individual has taught you most in life and what have you learned from them:   me - I learn the hard way, but I always learn from my mistakes and try not to repeat them

Other comments:   I wash my hands before I wash your hair if I've been picking my nose BTW

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