Coterie - Glasgow

a small group of people with shared interests or tastes, especially one that is exclusive of others
— Oxford English Dictionary

A small team from Linton and Mac headed down to Glasgow last week to attend Creative HEAD Magazines Coterie event, with industry legend Errol Douglas MBE and industry legend in the making, Ky Wilson.

Unfortunately, due to travel delays Ky did not manage to make it to Glasgow for the event - so it was up to Errol to entertain for the evening.

Creative HEAD publisher, Catherine Handcock was firing the questions which took us on a journey through Errol Douglas' life and incredible career at the forefront of the British hairdressing industry.

From humble beginnings growing up in East London and taking his first job in a salon at just 11 years old - Errol went onto receive a MBE for education and services to the hairdressing industry in 2008.

Catherine has known Errol for years, so took no prisoners with her line of questioning! But Errol took them all in his stride - covering everything from his favourite shoots with the likes of Ian Rankin, to the lessons he has learnt along the way, to his feeling on being nominated for British Hairdresser of the Year no less than 21 times and not yet actually winning the title.....

If you have a focus, a dream, a goal - you have to go for it. If you take your foot off the accelerator , somebody else will come in and do it first.
— Errol Douglas MBE

Errol opened his infamous Knightsbridge salon in 1998, which attracts clients from all over the world - with Errol himself still working there when he can. He's not one for standing still, always on the move he has heaps of energy and rarely sleeps! Joking that he is sure it will catch up with him someday... 

A spiritual man, his down time consists of yoga and going to "gong parties" - literally parties, where you sit in a dark room and listen to gongs and meditate!


The evening was a great opportunity, to see someone who as dedicated their life to the industry talk so passionately about it. It's plain to see that Errol loves what he does - and we love him for that!