What is LVL.....

LVL is a lash lifting treatment from Nouveau Lashes. Without the need for extensions - lashes appear fuller and longer.


Firstly, Kayleigh pops a bumper onto  your upper lid and pushes the lash up to stick - this is actually straightening the eyelash, creating a lift right at the root. A lotion is applied to keep the in place and to set the curl.

My lashes have always been as straight as a poker, - and I'm non too keen  on having false lashes stuck to my own to make them look fuller as I'm the type to have then all picked off by the end of the day.

I first sat down in Kayleigh's hot seat before a trip to Ibiza at the end of May. The whole trip, I didn't need mascara... where has this treatment been all my adult life?!?!

No more mascara running down my cheeks in the wind or by the pool - and best of all, no more morning show downs with those torturous contraptions they call "eye-lash-curlers"!  And here are the results, still apparent a whole three months later.

I CANNOT recommend this treatment enough - book in with Kayleigh NOW...

LVL, where have you been all my adult life...?