You know how we love to support local and love innovative new small business ventures - and we love a gin! So combining these passions and getting behind new kid on the gin-scene Jindea, was a no-brainer for us...


Firstly, lets answer any questions you may have about the name..... the gin's roots are firmly in INDIA, with a heavy TEA influence - it's obviously a GIN, change the G to a J and voila! 

Adrian Gomes, one of the company directors told us it was actually a working title to be reviewed - but it kinda stuck and turned out to be perfect as it quite succinctly sums up the brand.


Jindea Single Estate Tea Gin stays true to a classic London Dry recipe containing 10 botanicals - juniper, first flush darjeeling tea, lemon, grapefruit, coriander, ginger, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon and angelica.

The tea used in Jindea is nicknamed "Exotic Thunder" and is a first flush Darjeeling tea from Goomtee Estate, a single estate plantation in the Kurseong Valley. The area has long been considered the grand-cru of Darjeeling, producing arguably one of the finest black teas in the world.

The spirit has a weighty body to it, with the tea really prominent and makes a great G&T(ea) as it doesn’t lose flavour in a long drink. 

Jindea is a collaboration of three industry professionals. One being local entrepreneur, Adrian Gomes of 10 Dollar Shake alongside two of his friends - Matthew Dakers and Jack Rackham.

The gin is actually distilled in Dijon, France at a family distillery that is used to make brandy and fruit liqueurs. So, even though this new gin isn't strictly local in origin, it certainly has some roots planted in Aberdeen, with friends and family at it's heart.


Jindea Single Estate Tea Gin is our salon tipple of the moment - served as suggested with Fever Tree Tonic over ice with a slice of lemon.