Men's Trends 2019

Our Cut Expert Ross Hume, predicts the hottest men’s trends for 2019

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I predict we will be seeing a lot more dusty textures over the next few seasons, with hair being worn less defined and more dishevelled than we have been used to seeing lately.
— Ross Hume

Wood Wood’s London Fashion Week Men Spring/ Summer ‘19 presentation is a great example of this trend playing out – models there wore their hair free flowing, with locks appearing weather worn and wind-blown, with an abundance of natural texture. It’s a trend that signals a move away from the perfectly polished looks of seasons past, and styles that were set with pomades and wax and that looked structured and defined.

This trend is characterised by a dry texture and soft movement, which works on both long and short hair... use products that give guts to your hair such as texturising sea salt sprays and products which leave a dry, powdery finish such as dry shampoos.
— Ross Hume


We will see a more tailored approach to beards and moustaches in spring/summer 2019. At Linton & Mac we’re seeing an increase in our male clientele fading beards into hairlines if the sides are tapered. If hair is longer, beard shapes can still be tailored to enhance a client’s face shape and overall image. These days guys have much more knowledge when it comes to beard care, so the well-kept beard trend looks set to continue. 



Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten and Giorgio Armani are just a handful of the Spring/ Summer 2019 shows where models’ natural waves were embraced, with curls being left to take on an unkempt appearance.

Next season, I expect to see men embracing their natural waves and using products to encourage their curls - this trend for messed-up, dishevelled, unkemp curls will really take off... it’s all about embracing your individuality rather than going against your hair’s natural tendencies. It is another example of fashion moving towards a more relaxed, fuss-free, unstructured styles, which are easy to wear and require minimal maintenance.
— Ross Hume
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Bangs have been bang on-trend for a few seasons now, and with ‘baby bangs’ becoming a hot trend in women’s hair, men are likely to follow suit – particularly if Fendi’s fringe-heavy S/S19 show is anything to go by. In terms of fringe length and style,

I’m already starting to see our male clients shunning the floppy eyebrow-skimming 90’s boyband inspired fringes that have been huge over recent seasons - and starting to request short blunt fringes, like the ones we created for out Pink Mint collection (above)...
— Ross Hume