SMARTBOND is our L'Oreal service that protects the natural bonds in your hair, for stronger hair fibre during all colouring services.

For use on all hair types

The Results:

  • Stronger
  • Softer
  • Shinier

At Linton & Mac we are passionate about hair colour - and we want to do all that we can to achieve your dream colour, all whilst maintaining and even improving the condition of your hair.

You should never compromise the condition of your hair, in order to achieve a colour - that is why we have taken the decision to include Smartbond in all of our colour services.

all colours by Sarah Black, using L'Oreal Smartbond

Colour boundaries are always being pushed - which means we need to up our game when it comes to the health of your hair... I wouldn’t do colour without it!
— Sarah Black, colour expert at Linton & Mac

Since Sarah Black became our top level colourist, Colour Expert - there is no messing when it comes to all colour services here at Linton & Mac. She shares her expertise with our whole team to bring to you the best in achieving the colours you want, whilst not compromising the condition of your hair in the process.

That is why, as of 1st of April 2018 all colour services at Linton & Mac will include Smartbond.