Salon Style

Our Linton is savvy when it comes to picking up key seasonal pieces.

Jenn's style is always on trend, pulling key pieces from high street stores and adding her own personalised twists in the way she puts combinations together, or by adding accessories with unique flair - she gets a balance of grungy-girl-next-door-glamour bang on...

All with her signature red-lip of course..... she's a one off and we love her!


The North East of Scotland can be a difficult place to live as the seasons change - we can leave the house, not knowing if the weather will be glorious sunshine all day long, or change to driving rain come lunchtime.


This is the perfect dress to bring you through the change over season... ditch the tights and coat as the weather warms up and wear with sandals come summer.


If you are interested in picking up some pieces like Jenn, hit on the links below!

peace & love

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