Family Focus: Alison

Name:   Alison Catherine Simpson

Job Description:   Stylist

Age:   26

Star Sign:   Taurus

When did you start at Linton and Mac:   5th June 2018

What was your very first job:   I worked in an ice-cream van in Huntley when I was 14... I once scooped Billy Connolly an ice-cream!!

What was your path to Linton and Mac:   I did my apprenticeship in another salon when I was 20 - and I know Bethanie and obviously keep up to date with L&M on social media, so when they were looking to expand the team I jumped at the chance and got myself a trade test!!

What are your highlights of working at Linton and Mac so far:   I've not been here too long, but I've been loving getting lots of positive feedback and also seeing my favourite clients following me to Linton & Mac:)

What are your dreams, goals and ambitions:   I just wanna be the best hairdresser, EVER!!

Who are your industry idols:   I love Vivienne Westwood for inspiration... Vidal Sassoon - and I once met Anthony Mascolo and he was pretty cool:)

Style icons:   I love Fearne Cotton... and my big sister Heather has amazing hippy style!

Describe your own personal style in three words:   leather // eclectic // individual

If you could have any one else in the salons style for one day, who's would you steal and why:   Jenn - I love what she wears as it can be so different from day to day. Sometimes cool, sometimes girlie, sometimes casual... a bit like me!

Worst hair day and why:   heaps of times in my life... but I had a red mullet not too long ago, which was just terrible - and I really should've known better!

Where do you see yourself in five years time:   I'd love to have seen more of the world, as I haven't travelled much yet... maybe having had opportunities to work abroad - I recently heard of this amazing scheme where you teach hairdressing in developing countries, which sounds so cool! I'd also like to fit a baby in somewhere along the way, but maybe not until a little further down the line...!!

Who are your favourite follows on Instagram:   Linton & Mac // Jamie Oliver // Fearne Cotton

Top holiday destinations:   BEEN - Krakow // DREAM - Croatia

Favourite hang-outs in Aberdeen:   Bar 99 & FoodStory mostly

Top tunes on your playlist just now:   "Crying Lightening" Arctic Monkey // "Unfinished Symphony" Massive Attack // "Lose My Breath" Destiny's Child

Favourite movie:   Love Actually

Favourite book:   can it be a cookbook...? Jamie Olivers Family Super Foods, for sure!

Words to live by:   it's nice to be nice!

Worst habit:   saying sorry all the time 

What colour in a box of paints best describes you and why:   yellow - because it is bright and cheery like the sun

What single individual has taught you most in life and what have you learned from them:   my big sister Heather I think - she just totally inspires me and has taught me how to deal with difficult situation and how to turn negatives into positives

Other comments:   I'm buzzing for my training coming up at Indy Hairdressing in Leicester - hopefully my first of many training days with Linton and Mac

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