Invisible Day & Night


We wanted to take a moment to appreciate one of our all time favourite products in the salon….. Windle & Moodie Invisible Day & Night Cream.


The idea behind Day & Night Cream, is to bring skincare concepts into haircare. Hair suffers from various forms of abrasion - from environmental damage and combing, to styling. We also know that considerable damage is done to hair in the process of sleeping, when hairs rub up against each other and creates friction. This product is created to protect hair against any form of abrasion, day & night!

a behind the scenes moisturiser that brings hair to life and revitalises faded locks with a healthy shine. Created to protect hair against any form of day and night abrasion
— Windle & Moodie
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This product is the ultimate in “good-all-rounder” hair-care. Perfect for guys as well as girls… curly to straight, short to long… and everything in-between!

Infused with monoi oil from the South Pacific to give far reaching lustre and vitality, sugar beet extract to inject moisture and aloe vera to sooth.


Best of all it provides your hair with UV protection - and this gem is 100& vegan and gluten free.


We have been number one fans of Windle & Moodie since we opened back in 2015. As a company, we just love their ethos. All of their products are made with care and are environmentally conscious as well as taking remarkably good care of your hair.


Our team are highly trained on all Windle & Moodie product knowledge. So please just ask next time you are in, for recommendations and advice on any hair questions you may have.


60ml tube - £22.00