Colour Trends 2019

Colour Trends 2019


Our Colour Expert and Queen of Colour, Sarah Black, gives us The Low Down on her coolest colour predictions for 2019. Read on to find out what is hot in hues and contemporary in colour technique.


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This years Pantone Colour of the Year - Living Coral - is a vibrant, playful colour that I am particularly excited to take and put my own spin on..... as I always do!
— Sarah Black

This colour has all the effervescence of brighter pink hues of previous seasons, but is far softer and warmer. The beauty of this shade is that the level of warmth and yellow gold undertones can be amped up or played down, depending on your client’s natural hair colour and skintone.

For example, a gloss colour in this shade applied to cool, light blonde hair will give a true coral colour to start, which will fade to a beautiful muted tone over a few weeks, whereas hair with warmer undertones will be a slightly more orange shade of coral.

I will be encouraging my clients to explore this shade in all its various possibilities and predict that this colour will become super popular in a subtle form - a wearable, pared-back pastel shade of coral - with clients loving its mesmerising quality, yet suprising wearability.



Biscuit blonde will be the hottest way to do blonde hair in 2019. A beautiful blend of creamy clean tones and warmer golden hues, finding the right balance between cool and warm is the key to perfecting this trend.

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The mixture of warm and cool shades means that this colour is extremely wearable, flattering against both warmer and cooler skin tones, and is very brightening against the complexion. Switch up colour placement depending on your skintone: keep the creamy ash shades closer to your face if you have cooler skin, and the reverse if your skin is warmer or ruddier.

This trend can be adapted easily, to work on all shades of natural blonde and most shades of brunette - and I expect it to be the most pinned blonde shade on Pinterest when summer 2019 rolls in!


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You can thank the hair team at Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer ‘19 show for creating what is now set to be spring’s hottest colour trend. Sherbet hair is powdery, yet vibrant frosted pastel shades, reminiscent of the sherbet sweets of childhood, that manages to be both subtle and soft, yet wildly attention-grabbing.

At Marc Jacobs’ SS19 show models sported a myriad of multi-coloured hair shades – including this icy blue hue. The result: a grown-up, pastel shade with a veritably vintage feel, and no hint of fairytale. Unless hair is very white to begin with, this light hue requires a pre-bleach to take on that pale but punchy finish that sets it apart from its fairytale pastel predecessors.




Not strictly a colour trend, but our prediction for the hottest colour technique of 2019 needs a mention. The balayage technique will remain popular next year, but will be used with a different focus and purpose.

This year we will move on to and play around with the depth that this technique can create - rather than the lightness - and we will use balayage to add depth and movement.
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The darker elements of the hair will be the focus, adding dimension to the hair, in contrast to the lighter sections. The aim will be to create balance between the tones; just the right amount of light against the perfect amount of dark, and the look will be richer, more polished, and more multi-dimensional than we’ve seen in seasons past.