Homme Cover 5 Guys!

L’Oreal Homme Cover 5


We wanted to take a moment to appreciate the colour services we offer to our awesome gents. Homme from L’Oreal is a quick colour service to cover those greys without looking like your hair has been “done”.

Read on for The Low Down…


Who’s it for?


The FIVE in the title means that you can have the whole colour process from start to finish done in five minutes. Quick. Easy. No fuss.

This disguises the onset of the greys, rather that a full on block colour a la David Guest! The secret is that it has a cool base tone - so will never look fake.


The Process

You will literally have your consultation with your stylist - I will recommend the shade which my assistant will then apply at the backwash, leave for a few minutes and then wash off, before coming back to me for your cut and finish... DONE!
— Ross Hume, Cut Expert at Linton & Mac

Client Profile


We interviewed Joe Burns, one of our most favourite clients and fan of Homme and asked him a few questions to share an authentic and genuine stand point on this colour service - his reasons for choosing Homme and why he would recommend to his chums…

  1. What are your reasons for using a colour service?

I don’t really rock the grey look to be honest!
— Joe

 2. How often do you use the service?

Every 3 - 4 weeks


3. How long have you been getting the Homme treatment?

Almost 3 years


4. Would you recommend this to others?

— Joe

5. What type of guy would you recommend to visit us for the Homme experience?

I would recommend to anyone who is, like me, going grey at the sides and opts to stay in denial about their age… haha!! Jokes aside though, anyone who doesn’t like their grey hair should give it a go as it always looks completely natural and doesn’t take a great deal of time.


6. What are the benefits of getting this at L&M?

I’ve had cover up colours done at other salons and the result was more often than not a copper effect. However it’s always looked completely natural at Linton & Mac which is exactly what I want!

Linton and Mac have an amazing thing and I really love the brand!
— Joe

Chat to your stylist next time you are in for more info!