What's Your Colour...?

We wanted to take a moment to give an explanation of all of the colour services we provide at Linton & Mac - from full head bleach to 100% natural vegan colours, and everything in-between - whatever your needs, we got you covered…..;)


Full Head Tint


Who’s it for…? A full head tint is perfect for covering white and grey hairs as well as giving a full coverage to darken or lighten your base, so anyone concerned about the arrival of greys or looking for a change of shade.

Appointment time…: 2.5 hours

How long does it last? Up to 8 weeks - you can take advantage of our maintenance services between appointments to prolong colour.

The process: The colour is painted on from root to tip to erase greys and create a lovely base of semi permanent or permanent colour. This beautiful base colour can be pimped by adding a toner over the top.


Fashion Colour

fashion colour.jpg

Who’s it for…? If you want a combintation of tones, fashion colour is for you

Appointment time…: 2.5 hours

How long does it last? Up to 8 weeks - again, maintenance services between full colour appointments is recommended to prolong your colour.

The process: An all over colour with added foils or freehand highlights or lowlights.




Who’s it for…? For anyone wanting to be a nice bright soft blonde.

Appointment time…: 45 minutes application for a half head of highlights and 1 hour for a full head. Plus 1 hour development time and 45 minute finish time.

How long does it last? A toner appointment or conditioning treatments is recommended to prolong your colour appointments to between 8 - 10 weeks.

The process: A whole or a half head of foils is placed, colour added, developed and et voila!




Who’s it for…? A balayage is recommended to anyone who wants a super natural sunkissed look - as it allows regrowth withour being very noticeable, so is ideal for anyone who likes a low maintenance colour.

Appointment time…: 3 hours all in - application, development, Smartbond, toner and finish.

How long does it last? Balayages tend to grow in extremely naturally, so you can get months of wear from a good balayage - anywhere up to a full year, a balayage tends to look better with time… again, your colourist may recommend toning treatments to keep your colour looking fresh!

The process: Section by section, colour is painted on freehand to give you a fresh, natural look. Like ‘no make-up make-up’ – but for your hair. The secret to balayage is in the placement: it's applied in sections to complement how your hair falls, to give the illusion of more depth and movement.


Full Head Bleach & Tone


Who’s it for…? the courageous and the committed!!

Appointment time…: 3.5 hours, minimum.

How long does it last? 6 weeks is our recommended root touch up deadline, but we do offer a + 6 weeks regrowth appointment also.

The process: Lightener is applied from root to tip to create your basic platinum. A toner on top and you can bend and flex your blonde with hints of ash, blue or pink and warmer shades. It's cool, it's graphic, and we're total fans. Just be warned: your hair will need some serious TLC to stay healthy. This is a statement look so be prepared to make confidence and commitment your middle names!


Natural Vegan Colour


Who’s it for…? Anyone pregnant or receiving any kind of medical treatment where you are concerned about chemical colours - or the conscious consumer, interested in natural ingredients which are vegan approved and cruelty free.

Appointment time…: 2.5 hours.

How long does it last? Wash in, wash out as there are no harsh chemicals to give it as much staying power as more permanent colour….. you’re good for 6 - 8 shampoos.

The process: Low on commitment, low on maintenance: we apply it all over using a brush to give a natural finish. This is a colour enhancement treatment and not really suitable for anyone looking for a huge colour change - it is really wonderful for virgin hair or anyone who want their natural colour to truly shine!


Colour Maintenance


Maintenance Re-Growth

Process: This is purely to touch up colour around the hairline and down the center parting - giving you a little bit longer between full colour appointments.

Timing: 15 minute application + 45 minute development + 45 minute finish time.


Maintenance Toner

Process: Again a maintenance to refresh your colour in between full colour appointments.

Timing: 30 minutes additional time on top of a 45 minute finish appointment - no development time required.




We want to offer you the absolute best in tailored-to-you-colour at Linton and Mac, so suggest that you pop in for a Colour Consultations to discuss with one of our highly trained colourists your options.

If you are new to the salon for colour, we will have to see you first for a skin test to make sure that there are no allergies to any of the colours that we intend to use.

A colour consultation will take only 10 to 15 minutes and is completely complementary….