Jenn's Boot Camp

Boot Camp


noun: bootcamp

  1. a military training camp for new recruits, with very harsh discipline.

    • a short, intensive, and rigorous course of training.


Every Wednesday morning at 7.30am, Jenn holds her Linton & Mac Boot Camp. This is an opportunity for the team to brush up on their skills!

I wanted to a way to keep everyone’s basic skills up to speed - stylists tend to forget the building blocks over time. The basics which are the absolute foundations in great hairdressing are absolutely crucial - so I came up with the Boot Camp idea! A fun way to engage the team, at all levels, to help them improve their game.
— Jenn Linton

As much as the Boot Camp is open to Linton & Mac stylists of all levels, Jenn wanted this to be a real interactive way of improving the Future Talent skills, as well as helping them gain confidence in their styling techniques.

The Boot Camp format is a great way to offer short, intense burst of training whilst keeping the small group focused on one particular technique or style at a time.


The Perfect Blow-Dry


Jenn has a full itinerary of topics for her students to cover….. but at the moment they are working on how to achieve the perfect blow-dry.

I have created some easy to remember analogies, section patterns and simple techniques which are easy to remember and super simple to implement in the salon every day!
— Jenn Linton

This Boot Camp is for small groups so that Jenn can give maximum support and is held regularly in 4 week sections. She is developing more titles to cover in the coming months, with Jaye heading up a Hair-Up Boot Camp next!

We really value education at Linton & Mac - the learning never stops! So it is great to see that our team value knowledge as much as we do, and are willing to invest time into bettering themselves as stylists.
— Jaye MacDonald