Future Talents

We are proud as punch to announce that this pair are now qualified and will be running their own columns!


Alex & Eden

As a gentle introduction, we will be starting them at a new level called “Future Talents”. This means that their prices will be at a reduced rate, they will be given slightly longer for their appointments and they will be heavily mentored by a senior member of the team.


Future Talent


This means that Alex and Eden can gain confidence, whilst also being give the opportunity to get a handle on their time management skills and grow their clientele.



Tint Re-Growth £30

Full Head Tint £40

T-Bar Highlights £45

Colour Maintenance Toner £25

Colour Maintenance Re-Growth £25

Homme Cover 5 £25

Gentle Cleanse £35

Deep Cleanse £50



Blow-Dry £25.00

Hair-Up £30

Express Blow-Out £120

Permanent Blow-Out £215


Styling by Alex

New Style Bar Look


Styling by Eden

New Style Bar Look


If you would like any more info about our Future Talent, please do not hesitate to get in touch… alternatively, hit the button and book now!