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…accessories, accessories, accessories…


TREND ALERT!! Hair accessories are big news in 2019 - so we wanted to give you THE LOW DOWN on whats hot in hair styling. From everyone’s favourite 80’s throwback, the scrunchie, to beautiful boho inspired 60’s headscarfs….. we have got you covered!

And don’t worry, if the mere memory of the scrunchies makes you recoil in horror - there are plenty of chic alternatives on offer here at Linton & Mac to pimp your up-do….


Whether you already love them or are yet to be convinced, hair accessories are big so you may as well embrace them - and we have got great ideas to help you learn to love them!

To make sure you're properly informed on all the hair accessory action, we've put together a definitive list of the pieces that are set to spike this season.


Bling Barrettes


Oooooh, we love a multi layered hair accessory - and when it comes to a bit of bling, we say the more the merrier.

Keep it matchy-matchy, or play with a mixture of diamonds and pearls - perfect to take any outfit to the next level…!!


statement slides


Everyone went mad for the Gucci hair slides earlier this year and now you can get anything you want emblazoned on your clips in diamante - BOSS, LOVE, you name it!!

Wear all classy gal, low and to the side, pinning back your bangs - clipped just above your ear.


the scrunchie


If you want your scrunchie to stand out, then this is the way to do it - tie it high and wear with pride!

This looks awesome pulling half of your hair up and off your face, but also looks great if you want to leave your bangs down. The main thing is to let your scrunchie do the talking… accessorising your luscious locks with a colour-pop hair tie or a texturised velvet one . 


Silk Scarves


This the ultimate hair accessory - as it can be worn is so many different ways.

We love to tie through the hair, using as part of your plaited pony like the styles on our style bar look book. Or of course you can tie around your head SJP style.


Linton & Mac Style Bar


We have embraced the re-emergence of hair-adornments and incorporated them into our new style bar looks….. as part of the service, you can add an accessory to complete your look!


Accessory prices range from £2


We look forward to seeing you in salon soon!

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