The finalists have been announced!!


So it awards season again….and these awards from CreativeHEAD are some of the biggest, most prestigious awards in the industry. And we have managed to shortlist in an incredible FIVE categories, over the Most Wanted Awards and the IT List Awards.


Established in 2001, Most Wanted celebrates the most accomplished individuals, teams and businesses in British and Irish hairdressing – the talents that lead the industry from the front, whether impressing with their creative skills, building business through teamwork, keeping communities alive and boosting local economies.


Our girls, Jenn, Jaye and Sarah have shortlisted over three categories: BUSINESS THINKER, BEST LOCAL SALON and COLOUR EXPERT… and we couldn’t be more proud! I mean, just look at some of the names they are up against, they are up there with the best in the industry - so to finalise at all, is an honour in itself!

For Business Thinker, the application process had to chart Jenn & Jaye’s quick rise to recognition and success, their business plan and their ideas on why they do what they do. The Best Local Salon nomination came for all of the work we do to support and promote our home city of Aberdeen - and of course, Sarah finalised for her amazing achievements in the world of colour within the industry and in her leading roll within Linton & Mac.





most wanted.jpg
We are so proud to be representing Aberdeen at these awards – to be recognised for the hard work we put in to boosting our local community and economy, is awesome!
— Autumn Robinson, brand coordinator

Jenn Linton & Jaye MacDonald have worked hard to create a successful and thriving business, at a time when the economy looked rather bleak – they have managed to created 27 jobs in the city centre as well as putting Aberdeen firmly on the industry map, winning national and international awards.

Photo 02-10-2018, 1 23 56 pm.jpg

Since winning L’Oreal Colour Trophy in 2017, Sarah Black has become colour expert at Linton & Mac. Leading the team in training and working on shoots all over the UK – as well as from her London home “The Social”.     


I think that’s what you call a hat-trick…!!


Now in its tenth year, The It List is the second part of the exclusive awards from CreativeHEAD, exclusively sponsored by GHD – it is the most exciting and rewarding competition for young British hairdressers, leading to career-defining recognition and opportunities.


Jenn and Sarah have finalised in two separate categories; THE ENTREPRENEUR and THE IT GIRL, and we are super excited and proud of both of them!

They are two of the most hard working, dedicated, ambitious and focused young talents that we know - they take no nonsense and don’t let anything stand in their way. They have both achieved more in their chosen careers in the last four years, than most dream of in a life time….. and they are each only 29 years old!




just to be shortlisted, along with some of my favourite industry names, is such an honour!

Whatever the result in September, I couldn’t be ore happy that all of our hard work and commitment to the industry that we love, is being recognised!
— Jenn Linton
Photo 13-09-2018, 11 18 34 am.jpg

The IT LIST is only open to applications from folk under the age of 30 – hence the reason Jenn is without Jaye in this category… but of course, our Linton would be lost without her Mac:)

Our hearts bust with pride for these girls… bring on the final!!


Monday 2nd September


We will be heading down to London to discover if we will take home any of the titles. The award ceremony will be taking place at The Printworks, an iconic and atmospheric venue in London –  hosted by actor and comedian Aisling Bea, the MWIT Grand Final is considered the coolest event in the hairdressing calendar and we can’t wait!!