A List Artistic Tour

As you know, Jenn is a member of the L’Oreal Innovation Team.

This means that she goes away for training with the rest of the team a few times a year - they test new products and generally have a great time with their mentor Ky Wilson.

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Ky Wilson


Ky is no stranger to Linton & Mac, he won the L’Oreal Mens Image title in 2017, the year that Sarah won the Colour Trophy title - and they have been firm friends since. With Sarah doing weekends working from his London salon, The Social.


Ky opened The Social in London a couple of years ago as a global lifestyle destination in true collaborative fashion. Based in London and encouraging the flexible work ethos of the “freelancer” community. This space was the beautiful backdrop to The Innovation Team’s A-Lister Artistic Tour.


Jenn was down prepping with Ky, before they were due to present their education day to other stylists. Here are the results from the pre-class shoot… BEFORE and AFTERS using L’Oreal 9 Levels Lift - a brand new salon product from L’Oreal.

The first L’Oréal Professionnel lightening powder to bring up to 9 levels of lift and improved hair cosmeticity.

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A-List Artistic Tour


The specialist training day with Ky, Jenn and the rest of the Innovation Team, was open to L’Oreal Colour Specialists only - to share with highly trained colourists the most innovative colouring techniques and new products from L’Oreal.

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As Colour Specialists, Jaye & Sarah headed to the Social for the eduation day with Ky and his L’Oreal Innovation Team! They were in for a day of immersive learning with hands on colouring - above are the results of their extremely informative day.


These girls are absolutely buzzing to bring this knowledge back to Aberdeen and the Linton & Mac salon floor. Offering our clients the most up to date, leading advancements in colour technology is super important to us - so the fact Jenn is on the innovation team with Ky, means that we get to offer you the most bang up to date colour techniques.

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