Curly Girls

We absolutely understand that it is difficult to trust your stylist with your curls, but we want you to have confidence that a Style Bar appointment might just be what you need to pimp your curls for that special occasion…

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We want you to rest assured that we really understand curls - and that all of our stylists, at all levels, are thoroughly trained in dealing with curls….. from the most fine and wavy to the coarser more unruly of curls!

As well as that - quite a few of our team are curly brothers and sisters, so they really really understand your tresses. We are forever trying new techniques and products in the hunt for the very latest in curl-care. So please do ask your stylist for advise and at home care tips for between appointments.

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Our girl Anya here, has the most beautiful curls - but even she knows that without the right care and attention they can be dried out and frizzy - and the easiest option for her, especially with her length, is to tie back in a knot.

But for a special occasion, you want to shine your best self - so a Style Bar appointment may just be the thing that you are looking for….. we can define those curls to look their best down. Or we can style up, securing with pins and clips and even accessorising with some glitzy clips, scarfs, scrunchies or pearls!

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