Colour Techniques from Jenn & Jaye

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Jenn and Jaye are totally blown away to now be L’Oreal Educators!

This means that they will be teaching other colourists from salons all over the UK, some of their own special colouring techniques. Here is a brief intro to some of these techniques - which are also available in salon just now.


There are four main techniques that the girls will be concentrating on - Illumi-Lights, Blushing, Lived-in-Lights and Method Toning.

The whole team here at Linton & Mac have had training from Jenn & Jaye in all of these colouring methods - so next time you are in, have a chat with your colourist. As well as giving beautiful results, they are also designed to be extremely time efficient. Either meaning that you are in the chair for less time, or get longer between appointments from your service.


Read on for a brief explanation on each of these services…..




Think Margot Robbie as your hair inspo…

This is a variation of highlights, to brighten tired blondes, giving a fresh and youthful appearance.


45 minute application time



Blushing is a service for you beautiful brunettes, layering tones to create depth and highlight. Especially around the jawline. soft sunkissed through ends

Seamless tonal effect to give an expensive finish…..

Alexa Chung is the ultimate in inspiration for this look!


45 minutes application


Lived in Lights

This gives the appearance of a grown out highlights, softening your regrowth - meaning, longer between appointments.

A dirty blonde, for those wanting a grungy edge with attitude.

Seinna Millar

Sienna Millar

Sienna Millar



Application: 1hour


Method Toning

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is the inspo for Method Toning

This is applied on wet hair after a colour service, layering toners to achieve a softer, more blended look.


L’Oreal Education


If learning these techniques is something you would be interested in, Jenn and Jaye will be teaching their course in London next month.


When: Thursday 5th September

Where: L’Oreal Academy London

Time: 10.00am - 5.00pm

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See you there….. or see you in the chair!!