W14 Future Shoot

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West Kensington is an area of Kensington in West London, west of Charing Cross. The London postal area of W14 is roughly defined as the area between Brook Green and Hammersmith Road to the west, Fulham to the south, Shepherd’s Bush to the north and Kensington to the east.
— Wikipedia

1950 meets 2050


The concept is one of four girls from the 50’s, travelling through time and landing in the west end of London in the near future – taking influence from the pin-up girls of a retro era, we wanted to pull that into the modern day, but keeping that “beautiful hair” aesthetic.

Styling is drawing an influence from futuristic bad-ass Trinity from The Matrix. A strong, independent woman vibe, with a softer, prettier edge……. We wanted to keep make-up minimal, with dewy skin with only a pop of colour around the eye area as a nod to post-modernism.


Future Shoot


Jenn and Jaye styled this shoot. Taking inspiration from all things they love - they were both responsible for make-up, hair and styling on the day of this shoot.

Doing what they do best, bouncing ideas off each other, inspiring each other and having fun, they created something pretty special - captured by awesome photographer and friend Rob Hunter behind the camera.

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We had fun creating this because we took inspo from all of our favourite things - and it was quite a female empowerment shoot... so it really encapsulates everything that we are about!
— Jenn Linton
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We wanted to run through the eras, as we take inspiration from these ages. These are classic styling techniques, which are as relevant today as they were in each of these ages. They are the foundations of what we do - so it is interesting to bring them in to the modern day, and of course add our own L&M twist!
— Jaye MacDonald
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Hair // Make-Up // Styling : @jenn & @jaye

Photography : @robhunter